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basic electronics tutorials about ac circuit

AC Theory

Tutorials about AC Circuits, Phasors, Sinusoids, Impedance and Reactance
electronics tutorials about amplifiers


Tutorials about Signal Amplifiers, Power Amplifiers and Amplifier Distortion
basic electronics attenuator tutorials


Tutorials about the Passive Attenuator Circuits including L-pad, T-pad and Pi-pad
binary numbers tutorials icon

Binary Numbers

Tutorials about Binary Numbers, Hexadecimal and Octal Numbering Systems
boolean algebra tutorials icon

Boolean Algebra

Tutorials about Boolean Algebra, Logic Gates, Truth Tables and the Laws of Boolean
capacitor tutorials icon


Tutorials about Capacitors, Capacitance, Charge, Colour Codes and Connections
combinational logic tutorials icon

Combinational Logic

Tutorials about Multiplexers, Encoders and Decoders used in Combination Logic Circuits
counters tutorials icon


Tutorials about Synchronous, Asynchronous, Bidirectional and Ripple Counters
dc theory tutorials icon

DC Circuits

Tutorials about Ohms Law, Kirchoffs Laws, Mesh and Nodal Analysis, Thevenins Theorem
diode tutorials icon


Tutorials about the PN Semiconductor Diode, Signal, Power and Zener Diodes
electromagnetism tutorials icon


Tutorials about Magnets, Electromagnetism, Electromagnets and Hysteresis
filters tutorials icon


Tutorials about RC Passive and Active Op-amp Filters from Low Pass to Band Pass
inductor tutorials icon


Tutorials about Inductors, Inductance, Mutual Inductance and Connecting Together
input output tutorials icon

Input/Output Devices

Tutorials about Sensors, Transducers and Actuators used as Input and Output Devices
logic gate tutorials icon

Logic Gates

Tutorials about the Different Types of Logic Gates used in Digital Electronic Circuits
miscellaneous tutorials icon

Miscellaneous Circuits

Tutorials about Various Miscellaneous Components, Devices and Circuits
operational amplifier tutorials icon

Operational Amplifiers

Tutorials about the Different types of Inverting and Non-inverting Op-amp Circuits
oscillator tutorials icon


Tutorials about Oscillators including LC Resonance, RC Tuned and Crystal Oscillators
power electronics tutorials icon

Power Electronics

Tutorials about Power Electronics Devices including Thyristors, Triacs and IGBT's
rc circuit tutorials icon

RC Networks

Tutorials about Resistor-Capacitor Charging and Discharging Networks
resistor tutorials icon


Tutorials about Resistors, Colour Codes, Power Ratings and Connecting Together
sequential logic tutorials icon

Sequential Logic

Tutorials about Flip-flops, Latches, Registers and Counters used in Sequential Logic
electronic systems tutorials icon


Tutorials about Open-loop, Closed-loop and Negative Feedback Control Systems
transformer tutorials icon


Tutorials about Voltage Transfomers and their Construction and Theory of Operation
transistor tutorials icon


Tutorials about Bipolar Junction Transistors, FET's and Transistor Switches
electrical waveform tutorials icon

Waveform Generators

Tutorials about Waveform Generators with Multivibrators, Oscillators and 555 Timers
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